Logbook Servicing

A logbook service is a detailed and comprehensive service that involves inspecting and if necessary, replacing parts, components and fluids on the vehicle at specific time intervals that are recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

At Red Devil Radiators we perform a thorough inspection of all items that are required by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

We will also perform a full and comprehensive safety check on all components.

We will also stamp your log book.

Logbooks are issued to every car by the manufacturer, which specifies the timing and agenda for your regular logbook services. Keep your logbook in your car’s glove box for easy reference and to document any important information.

May people think that if their vehicle is still under warranty, the car must be taken back to the dealer for a logbook service, however this is not true. Red Devil Radiators can service your new car without voiding your warranty and of course, lowering your costs significantly.

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