We are tooled up and ready to run the NEW 1234YF Gas coming out in a lot of new vehicles!


Air Conditioning

Red Devil Radiators & Air Conditioning services was established in 1988 has been a Gold Coast owned and operated business from its conception, offering the northern Gold Coast residents a competent and reliable automotive air conditioning repairer.   Having been in the car air conditioning business for over 20 years, Red Devil Radiators Oxenford have plenty of experience in all facets of  air conditioning repairs, diagnosis and temperature control for your vehicle.  Being in the business for so long enables Red Devil Radiators the ability to repair any old-school car air conditioning and with having all the necessary qualifications to diagnose right up to the newest vehicles.

Being fully accredited by ArcTick, the national body for vehicle air conditioning repairers, gives you peace of mind knowing that all our service men meet a national standard and our gas practises are ozone safe.

R-1234yF Service

Our service includes a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your car’s air conditioning system. This  also includes an application of a deep vacuum leak check before refilling the system with the correct weighed out measure of gas and oil top, as needed.  Once this has been completed, the system is then comprehensively retested.

New R-1234yF Gas

Car manufacturers will be forced to change the refrigerant used in air conditioning systems over the next few years from R-134a to R1234yf. The motor industry has decided that the refrigerant used for the past 20 years is not as  environmentally friendly than a refrigerant with a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP), like R-134a.

Initially, the response was to use carbon dioxide gas (CO2) to cool the car, however this resulted in really poor results in areas where the temperature is high.

This would result in more fuel being used to cool the car – not exactly what anyone would want nor would it be very environmentally friendly.


An Annual Maintenance Service is something we strongly recommend as, like all other parts of your vehicle, your air conditioner is subject to wear and tear. Regular service will ensure longer component life and efficient operation.  Red Devil Radiators & Air Conditioning offers an annual service of your vehicles air conditioning unit incorporating a full evacuation of the unit, filter change re-gas with pressure and temperature test. In all our gas ups we include, for free, a bright green dye. This enables us to quickly and easily find any leaks in your system.

So, if you’re in need of a car air conditioning service, repair or component replacement, give us a call or use the contact form on our CONTACT PAGE.



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