Over Heating Problems

Some common causes that may result in an overheating problem

A Thermostat That Fails

This is one of the most common reasons for a vehicle to overheat. Even though it is not actually a part of the car’s radiator but a form of valve that dictates the coolant levels flow in and out of the radiator. When the thermostat fails the car overheats rapidly.

A Water Pump That Fails

Your car’s water pump is one of the most important parts your car has. It is the part that continually pumps water and coolant to your vehicle’s engine so that it doesn’t overheat. If the water pump fails, then the car will overheat as a result of water no longer circulating properly

Leaky Hoses

If a car’s cooling system begins to leak, it is most likely to be the radiator hoses as opposed to the car radiator itself. This is because a car’s radiator hoses link the car radiator to the engine, which then permits the flow of coolant between the two. A common feature of radiator hoses is that they are more prone to failure over time, and they should be replaced regularly, regardless of whether they are functioning properly or not.

Pressure Cap

When overheating problems occur and the system is not leaking, check the radiator and pressure cap. They are common sources of overheating. The pressure cap could have bad seals, allowing pressure loss. The radiator may be clogged and not permitting adequate air flow or coolant flow.

A Radiator Fan That Fails To Perform

A common feature of many modern cars is that they use an electric fan to pull sufficient amounts of air through the radiator, in order to keep the car cool at lower speeds and when it is stationary. If you find that your car overheats in heavy traffic, but is fine on the motorway, it will most likely be a problem with the car radiator fan.


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